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Laser cutting bamboo

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Color: caramel
Thickness: 5.0 mm

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A hard, fast-growing type of wood with a distinctive appearance. The plates consist of side-pressed strips.

Unlike plywood, this is a solid sheet. The outer layers of the bamboo trunk are glued together in narrow strips to obtain this plate. The bottom and top of the plate are equal and the surface is hard and smooth. Bamboo is stiff and tough in line with the grain direction (strips of it can even be braided), but prone to breaking along the grain.

Solid bamboo is used, among other things, for housings, shop displays and front panels.

De voordelen van lasersnijden van Bamboo

Door Bamboote lasersnijden kun je complexe ontwerpen maken met weinig moeite en hoge kwaliteit. En dat kan in elke productiefase; onderzoek, prototyping, (on-demand) productie of seriewerk. Lasersnijden biedt een scala aan voordelen voor het bewerken van Bamboo, waaronder precisie, snelheid, lage kosten en geen minimale afname.

How does laser cutting work?

You can order laser cutting and engraving online. Create an account and upload your drawing. Prices are calculated immediately, and you can download quotes yourself.

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How much does Bamboo laser cutting cost?

The price for laser cutting your design is automatically calculated in the shopping cart. Upload your drawing, choose a material and delivery time, and see the price immediately.

The prices mentioned are indicative and include VAT

1 medium design = €24.99

1 full plate = €65.43

1000 small parts = €0.05/p pc.

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