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Our technology

Discover Snijlab's cutting-edge technology that broadens the boundaries of digital production. We strive to make the possibilities of laser cutting accessible to engineers, designers and makers. Discover our innovative machines for high-quality, custom-made parts. Together with us you will continue to challenge the boundaries of digital production.


Also known as AutoSPOT. This machine makes it possible to laser cut without an underlay, which normally causes welding spots. The parts that autoSPOT cuts are therefore free of stains and deposits, which results in much higher visual quality and saves finishing time. In addition, this machine works fully automatically and can produce many thousands of parts per day unattended. The machine contains an RF laser with a peak power of 440W. The linear motors on the X and Y axes ensure micrometer precision and high acceleration.

Snijlab developed this technology in-house with R&D subsidy from the RVO. See her in action


At cutting lab we like sharp cuts and engravings without smoke deposits. However, a nozzle for sharp cuts produces a lot of smoke deposits when engraving. And a good engraving nozzle, you already understand, gives poor cutting results.

Most laser cutting machines on the market compromise on this, resulting in mediocre quality. Or it is necessary to change nozzles during operations, which is inefficient and can lead to errors. Our duoNozzles solve this problem completely, offering optimal results in both cutting and engraving, without adding much extra weight or complexity.


To save operator time and thus reduce costs, we developed a system to automatically load sheet materials into the lasers.

This machine, also known internally as the plate-o-measure, can pick up and load almost all our material types. From smooth plastics to soft foam. The plates are automatically measured and validated so that it is possible to work with stacks of plates of mixed sizes.


We want our people to work on things that are as human as possible, and for machines to do what is repetitive.

This innovation ensures that the cut part and the residual plate are automatically separated from each other. This makes it possible to carry out serial work efficiently, and we ensure that you as a customer receive only the parts without residual material.

Dynamic autoFocus

For good cutting and engraving quality, it is essential that the laser head has exactly the right distance to the material. A deviation of 0.2mm already gives visibly worse results.

With almost all laser cutters on the market (except steel lasers), the operator must manually adjust the focus distance at the beginning of a production run. In practice, however, this only produces mediocre quality. Plate materials are not the same thickness everywhere and are rarely 100% flat. The laser then goes 'out of focus', which causes a wider cut, loss of detail and unnecessary smoke deposits.

We developed a dynamic autofocus for this. During cutting, a sensor measures the distance and the machine continuously corrects it. This makes it possible to always make the thinnest cutting lines and sharp engravings and ensures superior quality parts.


OrdBase is Snijlab's advanced production software that allows us to produce thousands of unique parts per day accurately and efficiently. This state-of-the-art MRP system keeps track of every detail of the production process, from who is working on what to which part is located where, so that our team can deliver your order on time, every time. ordBase seamlessly connects our online ordering system with our laser cutting machines, streamlining the production process and ensuring you receive the highest possible quality customization.