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Order your designs with ease. Place your order directly via the website and don't have to wait for anything. In this way we make laser cutting accessible to everyone.

Take advantage of the flexibility that laser cutting offers, with no minimum order quantity and efficient scaling up. Choose the delivery time that suits you best: rush orders will be delivered tomorrow, or choose a longer delivery time if it is cheaper.

Prices are calculated automatically and you can download quotes immediately. You can make prototypes from €20 and serial work from €0.10 each. To work!

How does laser cutting work?

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How are prices for laser cutting calculated?

The price for laser cutting your design is automatically calculated in the shopping cart. The price is calculated based on the cutting time, the material, the delivery time and the quantity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business ordering

We also make laser cutting accessible to business customers. Ordering on account or per purchase order is possible upon request.

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