All the information you need to create a successful design for laser cutting


The design possibilities with laser cutting are endless, down to high detail and laser cutting can be done in every corner. In addition to laser cutting, you can also engrave to add a graphic element to your design.

Use the correct line colors so that your drawing is read correctly. Using a template is not mandatory, but it can help you with the correct settings.

Do you still need some inspiration to create a design? Then take a look at our example projects.

Laser cutting and engraving

Here you can see the difference between laser cutting and engraving. Do you also want to add an engraving to your design? Then take a look at the drawing rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hoe maak ik een ontwerp voor lasersnijden? - Snijlab

How do I create a design for laser cutting?

The possibilities with laser cutting are endless, but this sometimes makes finding a starting point difficult. In addition, it can be confusing to take into account all the drawing rules. To help ...