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Especially for small letters, it is advisable to use a font that you can convert to ' single line strokes '. This gives the letters no outline, but a single engraving line. That single line indicates that you can build text with loose sharp lines (a ' single line ' font). This gives a better result, because it does not silt so tightly in your material. And it is a lot cheaper since it takes the laser machine much less time to engrave the letters!

We have two ways for you to convert these texts. Via Adobe Illustrator and the CAD program Rhinoceros 6 . For both programs, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose a font that is quite thin and set it to the ' Light ' or ' Hair ' version if possible. (Fira Sans, for example, is very suitable and has a fairly neutral & easy-to-read font.)
  2. Type your text at the desired size and position.
  3. Select the text box and go to Object in the top menu.
  4. Choose from the drop-down menu: ' Rasterize ' and click OK . (The text has now been converted to a bitmap.)
  5. Keep the bitmap selected and open the drop-down menu of the ' Image Trace ' function.
  6. Click on the penultimate option ' Line Art '
  7. Then click on ' Expand '.

You will see that you now have a text consisting of separate vectors.

Below is the video instruction on how to create a single line font via Adobe Illustrator:

  1. In the taskbar, type the command ' Textobject '
  2. In the pop-up menu, choose the font ' MecSoftf_Font-1 ',
  3. Type your text in the text box and check the ' allow single stroke fonts ' option.
  4. Click OK and place your text where you want it in your drawing.

Below is the video instruction on how to create a single line font via Rhinoceros 6:


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