How can I laser cut cheaper?

Hoe kan ik goedkoper lasersnijden? - Snijlab

Snijlab's uploader automatically calculates the price of parts, so you immediately know what something costs and you can order quickly. Did you know that you can also download quotes directly into your shopping cart? Useful if you want to compare different prices.

Prices are calculated automatically in the shopping cart and depend on many different things. Such as delivery time, choice of material, cutting length and quantity. Read more about how prices are built up in this blog.

Our tips for cheaper laser cutting:


First order a sample of the material you have in mind. Samples are delivered quickly, so you can be sure that you order the right thing.

Acrylic in green, blue, yellow, red for laser cutting

Extend your delivery time

Order your part a little earlier, with a longer delivery time the costs will be significantly reduced. If we have more time to make efficient planning, our production costs will decrease. And that is reflected in the final price.

Choice of material

Choose a cheaper material. MDF and cardboard are our most popular budget materials. View here which other materials fall into this category.

Repetitive material discount

Are you ordering a number of different products? Then have them all cut from the same material to activate the 'repeating material discount'. This will automatically appear in your shopping cart.

Several hinges and folding wooden booklets cut with a laser, placed on a white background.

Optimize your drawing

Place different parts in a drawing closer together, and remove double or unnecessary lines.

The entire line length is used to calculate how much time it takes us to produce a part. Make sure all the lines in your drawing are correct. You pay too much due to double or unnecessary lines, and that is a shame.

Volume discount

We can produce larger quantities of the same part more efficiently, which reduces the price per piece. In the shopping cart you can immediately see how much volume discount you can get for your part.


Do you want to produce on a larger scale? With the AutoSPOT, our automated laser cutter, we make large-scale laser cutting cost-efficient. Contact sales to discuss the possibilities.

Moving laser cutting head in a laser cutting machine

Laser cutting is extremely versatile, so you can tailor your order exactly to what you need.

Do you have questions about your drawing? Here you will find the drawing rules . Or contact us to ask your question directly.

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