Graveren op eigen materialen

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Do you want to engrave your design on your own object, such as cutting boards or clothes hangers? This is possible in bulk. You provide a product made of wood, leather, stone, plastic, or metal. And we will apply your logo, text, or drawing to it.

What is engraving?

Laser engraving is the process of marking a drawing onto the surface of a material. This can be done with a single line or in a flat pattern. The laser beam does not penetrate through the plate.

Line engraving

A marking made from a single thin line is a line engraving. Great for clean line drawings, but not ideal for text.

Area engraving

A filled area is an area engraving. This is created from many lines placed so closely together that they appear as one solid area.

Line and area engraving

Together, line and surface engraving create a clear marking. The surface engraving stands out, while the line engraving allows for refined details.

What can I engrave?

Objects made of various materials can be engraved, including wood, plastic, leather, stone, and metal. Your object cannot be larger than 40 by 40 centimeters. We offer engraving services starting from a minimum order quantity of 5 products.


Cutting boards, wine crates, clothes hangers, business cards, menu holders, and more.


Among others, casings, nameplates, signage, and keychains.


Think of shoe leather, keychains, tags, bags, and aprons.


This could be a brick memento, slate cutting board, or a lamp base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Engraving is a beautiful way to personalize products. In addition to laser cutting, you can now also solely engrave at Snijlab. Provide your own cutting boards or, for example, leather labels, and we'll take care of the rest.

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