Laser cutting in wood, plastic, foam, rubber, cardboard and textiles.

Laser cutting

We cut out your designs

Would you like to have your design or part lasered and receive it quickly? Which can! With us you can laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking from almost all non-metals such as wood, plastic, foam, rubber and cardboard. Up to 1200x600mm and with machines up to 175W. Ordered online and delivered on the date you choose (1, 2, 4 or 13 working days).

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a digital production technique. Based on a vector drawing, the laser beam cuts shapes from a plate. No molds or dies are required, this makes it fast and flexible.

Snijlab has a range of sheet materials to choose from. From wood to plastic and cardboard, but no metals.

Cutting out

Laser cutting is the cutting out of a shape from a material. The drawn shape is cut loose from the plate. This can be done in a high level of detail and with great freedom of form.


Laser engraving is the marking of a drawing on the surface of a material. This can be done with a single line or in a plane. The laser beam does not pass through the plate.

Customer speaking

"Thanks to their online quotation tool, you as a customer can see for yourself which design adjustments affect the price. This way you can easily make adjustments."

— Sander Vieveen, Alphatron Medical

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What can I laser cut?

We cut and engrave your design from a material from our range. Upload your drawing, choose a material and delivery time. And we will get to work for you.

Single pieces

Laser cutting is possible from 1 piece. Due to low start-up costs, laser cutting is suitable for custom parts, prototypes and personalized objects.

Larger print runs

Snijlab's innovative technology makes laser cutting of larger quantities efficient. The unit price decreases with higher quantities.

What do I need?

A drawing for laser cutting

Make a vector drawing and use the colors from our drawing rules. Upload your drawing and choose a material.

to drawing rules

What is the delivery time?

Choose your own delivery time. Ordered today with urgent delivery, delivered tomorrow. Would you prefer cheaper laser cutting? Then choose a long delivery time. Delivery times affect the price.

How much does laser cutting cost?

The price for laser cutting your design is automatically calculated in the shopping cart. Upload your drawing, choose a material and delivery time, and see the price immediately.

All about prices

The prices mentioned are indicative and include VAT

1 medium design: from €24.99

1 full plate: €65.43

1000 small parts: from €0.05/p pc.


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