Flexible production without minimum purchase

On-demand production with laser

Do you need a part or product, but do not want to go to mass production? For example, because you often update your product, because you want to keep little stock or simply because you only produce once you have sold?

For both technical parts and products that you sell yourself through your webshop, laser cutting gives you flexibility and reliability.

What is on-demand production?

On-demand production, also called manufacturing on-demand (MOD), is a system in which you produce when you need something, and in the quantity you need.

That sounds logical, but it is a big change compared to more traditional mass production where large quantities are made and then stored until needed.


Customers from many different sectors use Snijlab to produce their products “on-demand”. What they have in common is that they benefit from one or more of the following benefits:

Quick to market

No lengthy decision processes and mega orders. Anyone who wants can have a product on the market within a few weeks

Stay flexible

Is a product selling faster or slower than anticipated? Do you want to make interim adjustments? No problem.

Low risk

Explore new markets without major investments.


Customize your products per market segment or even per customer.

Customer speaking

"Thanks to their online quotation tool, you as a customer can see for yourself which design adjustments affect the price. This way you can easily make adjustments."

— Sander Vieveen, Alphatron Medical

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How does on-demand production work?

1. Prototyping

Some designs are good the first time, but most of us do a few rounds of prototyping to get the finishing touches done.

Prototyping is fast and efficient via our online acceptance system.

2. Optimization

If your product starts to sell faster, it is a good time to ensure that we keep costs as low as possible.

We are happy to help you with advice and additional services.

3. Affordable re-ordering

Order yourself from your account, or transfer your production to your purchasing department.

(Personal) graduated prices are available online, so you never have to wait for a quote. You are at the controls yourself.

Dutch quality

Our in-house developed automation enables high quality and a low price

More about our technology

What is possible?

You can produce parts up to 1200x600mm in size and from 0.1 to 40mm thick. Maximum size and thickness depend on the material type.

Circulation and prices
The minimum edition is 1 piece. The unit price drops with larger purchases. This price trend can be quickly seen in your account.

Laser cutting is often very economical for relatively small quantities!

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CO₂ Laser cutting up to 175W
CO₂ Laser engraving
CO₂ Galvo engraving
MOPA Fiber galvo engraving


from 5x5mm to 1200x600mm


0.1 mm to 40 mm depending on material type

Delivery time

Optionally 1, 2, 4 or 13 working days

Additional services

Process optimization

We can often optimize our production process for large or regularly recurring productions. This reduces costs.


Design for manufacturing, or taking production into account in your design, often makes your product cheaper and better. We can advise you and draw for you.

Tapping threads

Some plastics can be threaded. We tap from M2 to M10


Have screws countersunk and save yourself the effort by having your parts galvanized immediately.

Hello, I'm Maaike

Sales engineer at Snijlab

I would be happy to help you develop your production. We can schedule an appointment to discuss your product, or ask me a question about submitting your drawing. I would like to help you.

our mission is to make production with laser technology easy and accessible so that you can make better products

Christian Waber, founder