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Acrylic, POM, HDPE and mirror acrylic.

Plastic laser cutting

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Why Plastic laser cutting ?

Do you want to laser cut a single piece? Or a whole lot? With us you can have both. With our flexible options you order exactly what you need, when you need it.

Which type of plastic do I choose?

We cut and engrave your design from a material from our range. Upload your drawing, choose a material and delivery time. And we will get to work for you.

What does Plastic laser cutting and engraving look like?

What do I need?

A drawing for laser cutting

Make a vector drawing and use the colors from our drawing rules. Upload your drawing and choose a material.

drawing rules

Recycled plastic

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Acrylaatrecycling - Snijlab

Acrylic recycling

We separate acrylic and have it collected separately. These remains are returned to the acrylic factory where they are made into new acrylic, of the same quality as it was before. In fact : The ...

Customer example

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Mobiele zorgstation “AMiS-PRO” verlicht werklast van verplegend personeel - Snijlab

Mobile care station “AMiS-PRO” reduces the workload of nursing staff

How Snijlab supplies custom-made, laser-cut parts for a medical care station How AMiS-PRO came about Nurses in hospitals constantly switch between tasks, such as administering medi...

Example projects

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InfoBlog: Een circulair plaatmateriaal, bestaat dat?

Blog: Een circulair plaatmateriaal, bestaat dat?

een duurzaam, circulair en biodegradeerbaar kunststof plaatmateriaal dat bestaat uit 100% biobased materialen. Je kunt BioPanel gebruiken voor bijna alles waar je ook...

InfoWelke folies kan je lasersnijden?

Which foils can you laser cut?

Do you need a foil cut according to your own design? In this blog post you will learn which films you can have laser cut and which material is the best choice for your application.

InfoMaterialen voor Prototyping

Materialen voor Prototyping

Bij Snijlab begrijpen we hoe cruciaal het is om de juiste materialen te kiezen voor je product. Soms wil je echter eerst meerdere ontwerpen testen zonder hiervoor meteen het duurste materiaal te ge...