Which wood do I choose?

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Laser cutting is ideal for making wooden parts. It is fast, economical and precise. Moreover, it is very easy to sign and order something.

Some types of wood are much nicer to laser cut than others. Over the past 10 years we have tested all variants on the market and put together a range of top quality wood. But which wood is the best choice among all these options?

We have made an overview of all our wood types. Would you like to know more about laser cutting wood? Then go to Wood laser cutting .


Birch and poplar are our two types of plywood. Birch wood is stronger, while poplar is lighter.

Birch plywood Strong, hard and with beautiful drawings. Birch is the most popular type of wood in our range. This material is made especially for us in Finland, using glue that emits less soot when laser cutting.

Poplar plywood A somewhat softer plywood with a low formaldehyde content. Poplar is very lightweight. Because poplar has a low density, we can cut it in high thicknesses. Available in our range up to 12 mm thick.


MDF is strong and economical. Because it has no knots, it is easy to cut.

Veneered MDF Good looks and easy to use. This is real wood veneer on a strong MDF support. Available with walnut, oak or ash veneer.

MDF Strong, affordable and easy to use. Versatile and one of the most ordered materials. Used for prototypes, models, furniture and much more.

MDF black Strong and affordable. And colored through and through so that it immediately looks good without finishing. The surface is matte and small fibers can be seen up close.

MDF coated MDF with a slightly structured coating. The surface is finished and looks neat, please note that the side is not waterproof.

Solid wood

Bamboo Extremely hard, durable and beautiful. But with instructions, the long fibers make bamboo fragile along the length of the sheet.

Do you already know which wood you will choose? View your material in the overview . Or would you like to know more about laser cutting first? You can read more about laser cutting wood here .

If you have a question about materials, please feel free to contact us . We are happy to answer your questions.

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