New: acrylic in primary colors

Nieuw: acrylaat in primaire kleuren - Snijlab
New in our material range are four primary colors of acrylic. Blue, yellow, green and red are now available in 3 mm thickness. We are happy with this beautiful addition to our collection. View our latest materials here .

We currently have more than 120 materials in stock in our warehouse. Snijlab has been around for 11 years now, we have built up extensive knowledge of materials and only offer high-quality materials. Our wide range is tailored to a variety of applications to serve many different sectors, from engineering to design and everything in between.

We are always looking for new materials. Do you have a suggestion or are you missing a material? Please let us know via , your feedback is extremely valuable to us.

The new acrylic colors are opaque or opaque, you cannot see through them. The surface and laser cutting edges are shiny. Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, can be laser cut very well, the detail is high and the finish is neat. The material is made in many beautiful colors and different finishes. View all our acrylics here .

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