Acrylic recycling

Acrylaatrecycling - Snijlab

We separate acrylic and have it collected separately. These remains are returned to the acrylic factory where they are made into new acrylic, of the same quality as it was before.

In fact : The greencast acrylic that we supply is made from recycled acrylic that is collected from us, among other things. The following materials in our range are made from 100% recycled acrylic:

  • MS0037 Acrylic 3mm colorless

  • MS0073 Acrylic 4mm colorless

  • MS0074 Acrylic 5mm colorless

  • MS0075 Acrylic 6mm colorless

  • MS0079 Acrylic 3mm black (gloss)

  • MS0080 Acrylic 3mm white (gloss)

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