Mobile care station “AMiS-PRO” reduces the workload of nursing staff

Mobiele zorgstation “AMiS-PRO” verlicht werklast van verplegend personeel - Snijlab

How Snijlab supplies custom-made, laser-cut parts for a medical care station

How AMiS-PRO came about

Nurses in hospitals constantly switch between tasks, such as administering medication, measuring vital functions and their administration. These actions do not always connect smoothly, causing valuable time to be lost. Alphatron Medical Innovations, manufacturer of medical devices, designed a solution for this: a mobile care station and medicine cart in one.

Parts are not available on the market

AMiS-PRO contains a number of custom parts that are not available as standard. These parts must be custom-made and of consistent and high quality. At the same time, Alphatron also wants to be able to make adjustments to the design with increasing insight, without major consequences for the cost price.


Have custom parts laser cut

Laser cutting is an ideal way to make custom parts. It is fast and flexible, because you can continuously make adjustments to the digital design. This leaves room for development and progressive insight. Laser cutting is also reliable: as a customer you can always have parts made again, even in the longer term. They are never 'not available'.

Thanks to their online quotation tool, you as a customer can see for yourself which design adjustments affect the price. This way you can easily make adjustments.

Sander Vieveen, Alphatron Medical


Customer wants flexibility in design process

It is important for every customer to quickly see the influence of
decisions, especially from a cost perspective.


Alphatron can create and adjust your own quotation online

In the quotation tool on Snijlab.nl you can upload drawings without obligation and choose from the material, finish and delivery options. The influence of design adjustments on the price can be checked directly.


The display must be flexible

AMiS-PRO is a medication cart with medication drawers and at the same time a care station with built-in software and a screen. The cart is driven around the departments, whereby the screen must be able to be easily lowered. In addition, it is important that nurses can work ergonomically. Adjusting the screen to individual eye level is therefore an important function of this device.


Adjusting the screen with sliding discs

The screen moves smoothly using sliding discs. Snijlab has more than 80 materials in stock and Alphatron chooses to make the discs from polyacetal. Polyacetal parts run smoothly without jerking or seizing. It is also impact and abrasion resistant, making it very durable. Due to the extensive stock, this material is always immediately available.


Prevent failure with the right materials

AMiS-PRO contains a medication box with different types of drawers in which medication can be stored. The drawers are linked to the digital patient file, so that every patient receives the right medication in the right quantities. Alphatron initially had the dividers in the drawers made from cast acrylic (standard plexiglass), but due to the variation in thickness of that material, some dividers did not fit.


A material with lower thickness tolerance

On the advice of Snijlab, we switched to the use of extruded acrylic. The properties are virtually the same as cast acrylic, but the thickness varies much less. As a result, the partitions now always fit.

"Snijlab thinks along, switches quickly and delivers prototypes in a short time."

Sander Vieveen, Alphatron Medical


Parts for AMiS-PRO require serial work

Large quantities of these custom-made parts are needed. This is expensive when produced with regular laser cutting techniques.


Snijlab also supplies laser-cut parts in larger quantities

Snijlab is the only one in the industry to have machines that load and unload materials fully automatically. This makes it possible to laser cut series of parts in a short time and at low costs. Cutlab offers a solution for customers who want both flexibility and larger quantities. An additional advantage is that the parts of this production line do not have smoke deposits.

More about AMiS-PRO

An all-in-one mobile care station that enables safe, efficient and ergonomic working for nursing staff: AMiS Solutions

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