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Inkscape is a free and open source vector editing program. It is available for Windows, Linux and OSX. Inkscape uses the .svg file format by default, but can also work well with other formats such as dxf. . Inkscape is:

  • easy to learn.
  • free.
  • suitable for graphic work and simple technical work.

Download our Inkscape template here . The sizes, units of measurement and layers are set up here so you can get started right away. Now you can sign!

  • Make sure that all area fills ('Fills') are set to ' No paint '.
  • Use colors according to the drawing rules; blue for cutting & red for line engraving.
  • Tip : set the line width to 0.2mm. (This is approximately the width of the laser cut so you get a good idea of ​​the level of detail possible.)

Text must be converted to lines (paths) before it can be cut or engraved.

  • Select the text and go to: Menu > Path > Object to Path.
  • Note that the area fill ('Fill') is off & that the outer lines ('stroke paint') have a color.

The distinction between cutting and engraving is made (when uploading as .pdf ) on the basis of colors:

  • Blue objects are cut.
  • Red objects are engraved superficially.
  • Gray objects are ignored (for example useful for using the material dimension as a frame)

NB: when you save as .dxf instead of as .pdf, it is also important in which layers the objects are located.
See the drawing rules .

File > Save As > " Portable Document Format (.pdf) "
In the pop-up window, choose the option: ' export area is drawing ' and PDF version 1.5

In some cases, not all objects are stored neatly in the PDF. Alternatively, you can save as a .dxf file.
Please note that with .dxf files it is necessary to place the objects in the correct layers.

File > Save As > Desktop Cutting Plotter (.dxf)

Enable the option ' use LWPOLYPOLYLINE type of line output '.

on our website and drag your file(s) into the upload field. Check carefully whether:

  • the dimensions are correct.
  • the colors of the preview match the intended edits.
  • Blue = cut completely.
  • Red = line/vector engraving.
  • Gray = no operation / layer to ignore.

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