Laser cutting with Adobe Illustrator

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Laser cutting with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector drawing program that is used by many people. In this tutorial we will explain how to create a drawing for laser cutting with Illustrator.

What do you need?


  • The Snijlab template with the correct settings

What should you pay attention to?

These things you need to consider if you want to create a laser cutting design with Adobe Illustrator:

  • RGB is the correct color mode (CMYK is not read correctly by the uploader)
  • Maximum size for most materials is 1200 x 600 mm (some materials are smaller)
  • Text must be converted to outlines

How to open a new file for laser cutting in Illustrator?

Open Illustrator and create a new file with these settings:

  • Unit millimeters
  • Maximum size width 1200 mm by height 600 mm
  • Color mode RGB
  • No more than 1 Artboard


Laser cutting or engraving text

Text must be converted into outlines before cutting or engraving.


  • Select the text
  • Go to Type
  • Choose Create Outlines

Now your text has been converted into vector lines. Put these lines in the correct color according to the drawing rules.
Check the preview in the uploader to ensure that your drawing has been loaded correctly.

Drawing rules in brief

Create your drawing according to the rules below so that it is read correctly by the uploader.
These are the drawing rules in brief:

Colour Layer name Line type
To cut Blue (rgb 0,0,255) to cut lines, polylines, curves, splines
Line engraving Red (rgb 255.0.0) line engraving lines, polylines, curves, splines
Surface engraving Magenta (rgb 255,0,255) surface engraving closed lines, polylines, curves and splines


Read the drawing rules here

Template and sample drawings

To help you get started, you can view a template or example drawing.


This template is an Illustrator file that contains the correct settings.

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