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Duurzaamheid bij Snijlab - Snijlab

This is our roof. Snijlab is powered by solar power.

Solar power

Our roof is full of PV panels that provide us and the companies around us with solar power.


Laser cutting is and remains a subtractive technology. Fortunately, the plastics we process can be easily recycled. We separate our waste into no fewer than 6 different streams that are processed by specialized recyclers.


We process remainders of the cutting process in smaller orders as much as possible. Small residual pieces are less useful for our production, but can still be used for schools and fab labs, for example. Through the Lasersheets MixCrates we ensure that they get a second life and do not have to be thrown away.


Snijlab is FSC® certified. This means that we can supply materials and products that bear the FSC® quality mark. For example, we currently already produce FSC certified Brikkon products. We can also supply FSC® for other (series) work productions.

NB: Only products designated as such are FSC certified.

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