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Example projects

Use these drawings as a starting point for your next project, adjust as necessary and upload them to order.

Krat (gratis tekening) - Snijlab

Crate (free drawing)

In this template you can see how you can draw a crate for laser cutting at Snijlab. For example, you can use this template to have a crate made to a specific size, or you can add text or illustr...

Houten vouwboekje - Snijlab

Wooden folding booklet

A wooden cover with flexible hinge (sninge) as known from makezine, among others. Use this template to customize your own cover; add engravings or extra cutouts and upload your drawing to order. Pl...

Template tekening: NEMA Beugels - Snijlab

Template drawing: NEMA Brackets

Do you need a mounting plate for a motor? Download our drawing with brackets in different NEMA formats. You can adjust the design to create a custom mounting plate. Or select the size you need and ...

No screw no glue hamerverbinding - Snijlab

No screw no glue hammer connection

Do you want to connect two pieces of wood together without screws? This is a laserable wood connection that makes it very easy. How does it work? The hammer connection is a kind of pin and ho...