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Systainers* are robust, handy and easily available. They are perfect for making professional cases for instruments, tools, cameras or other sensitive equipment.

Download the template Systainer T-lock (396×296mm)
So you can easily draw and order your own inlay.


Layer build-up

The bottom of the inlay consists of a 5mm thick layer. This layer has a recess for the relief that is in the bottom of the systainer.

Above this there is room for three foam layers of 20mm thick. This is where your products will be placed. Depending on the thickness of your product, you can draw cutouts in one, two or three of these layers.

The lid inlay consists of a 2mm thick MDF plate and a 10mm thick foam layer. As an alternative, a ready-made lid liner made of bubble foam is also available in various online shops.

Tip 1: To ensure that the products clamp nicely, draw the recesses on all sides approximately 1mm smaller than the size of your product.
Tip 2: Don't forget to draw recesses for your fingers so that you can easily remove the products.
Tip 3: You can also do surface engraving in PE foam. You can have a logo or text engraved if necessary. Do not make your engraving too small (minimum 10mm letter height).


Once you have completed the drawing, you can order the layers. Choose PE foam of the desired thickness as the material.

Do you want extra convenience? Then choose self-adhesive foil on the bottom. This allows you to stick the layers together easily and durably. Alternatively, you can also use spray adhesive to glue the layers together.

Other systainers

The above layer structure applies to a Systainer* T-lock type 1 (the smallest) of 105mm high.

  • For Systainer T-lock type II (157.5mm height) you need to add three layers of foam to the middle part; 2 x 20mm and 1x 15mm. The lid and base plate remain the same.

  • For Systainer T-lock type III (210mm height) you need to add five 20mm foam layers to the middle part. The lid and base plate remain the same.

*Systainers are modular, stackable plastic containers. They were originally developed by Festo for the transport of power tools. Today they are produced by Tanos and sold by various brands such as Festool, Makita, Hitachi, BTI, Metabo, and so on. The template fits systainers of all brands, as long as it is the 'T-lock' type. The template does not fit the older systainers that work with clips on the side.

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