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Do you have a lot of small parts? Or parts that fit well next to each other. Then nesting can be beneficial.
Nesting is not beneficial for all types of parts. Here we explain everything about nests.


Nesting can be beneficial when you need different parts made of the same material, especially if these are small parts.
Nesting can also be beneficial if parts fit easily next to or together. It can save costs because there is less residual shape in a drawing, or because cutting lines are shared and production time is reduced.
Nesting is not a requirement.





Nesting is never a requirement. But it can be more economical to put parts together on a plate.

Do you need multiple copies of the same part? Even then you don't have to nest. Upload the drawing of the part and choose the desired quantity in the ordering process. The website automatically calculates the volume discount, the unit price decreases for higher quantities.

Only if your parts are shaped in such a way that they fit together conveniently, it is sometimes more economical to make a nest yourself.

You create a nest in the same way as a regular laser drawing. Use the correct layer name and stroke color, as described in the drawing rules .

  1. Enlarge your artboard or drawing field, pay attention to the maximum material size
  2. Copy the parts to the nest drawing
  3. Look for an efficient layout, leaving 2mm between parts

Leave a space of at least 2 mm between the parts to prevent burning and smoke deposits.
For foam types this must be at least 4 mm.


Do you have a lot of nesting to do? Then take a look at nesting software such as RhinoNest .

You can put parts together so that they share one cutting line.


For example, if you put two rectangles together, you can theoretically cut two parts loose with one line. This saves costs because the total cutting length and production time are shorter.

Remove double lines from your drawing after you put shapes together.


  • Small parts (precision cannot be guaranteed)
  • Precision parts (precision cannot be guaranteed)
  • Round corners


We cannot guarantee dimensional accuracy on parts with shared lines.

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