New material: Gasket paper

Nieuw materiaal: Pakkingpapier - Snijlab

The ideal material for making oil and fuel resistant seals

Various gaskets with complex shapes, laser cut from gasket paper

At Snijlab we are always looking for new materials that can help our customers make accurate and durable parts. We are pleased to introduce gasket paper in 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 1mm and 2mm thick, an impregnated paper that is resistant to oil, fuel and heat, making it ideal for making gaskets.

Gasket paper is an excellent material for making oil and fuel resistant seals, especially in industries that require precise and durable parts. It is easy to cut and engrave, and the impregnation ensures high sealing capacity. This gasket paper can be used up to 120°C.

Laser cutting offers the possibility to make gaskets precisely tailored to your application.

View our gasket paper here

Other suitable materials for laser cutting seals are:

Neoprene foam black 4 mm. MS0255<!--nl-->Material for laser cutting.

Neoprene Cellular rubber / Foam rubber (1-8mm)

Neoprene sheet rubber black 1 mm. MS0262<!--nl-->Material for laser cutting.

CR rubber (1mm)

Silicone (1-2mm)

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