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We recently did an experiment to efficiently create kumiko-like panels with laser-cut parts.

Black MDF laser cut panel


First I created a parametric model of a grid of triangles. The grid consists of two models of strips with cuts that fit into each other. The strips have connections at the beginning and end so that it is infinitely expandable in all directions. The depth is set to 15mm, the wood thickness to 3mm and the side of a cell is 50mm. I also drew four different 'inserts'. Finally, I nested and cut the parts from 3mm MDF.

Kumiko drawing

If you want to experiment yourself; you can make a copy of this onshape workspace and modify and use the model.

Assembly is easy, although you have to be careful not to break the strips. The inserts clamp well and everything stays together well without glue.

After assembly, I sawn the edges of the grid 'clean' on a table saw and provided it with an oak frame.

Kumiko laser panel, black MDF

And voilà; a kumiko panel (almost) entirely made of laser-cut parts!

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