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After intensive research, we have found a new manufacturer of birch plywood. From now on, this material is made especially for Snijlab from European birch wood. The new birch plywood is of higher quality and available in more thicknesses. Birch is a versatile type of wood and very suitable for laser cutting. This is by far the most ordered type of wood in Snijlab's range.

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Our new birch plywood is distinguished by the following properties  

  • Surface quality B/B, this means virtually no knots or repairs
  • A nicer cutting edge and better processing due to fewer knots and repairs in the intermediate layers
  • It is stronger and tougher because it is made up of more intermediate layers
  • Less soot formation on the cutting edge, thanks to an adhesive suitable for laser cutting

Three new thicknesses have been added to the range. The full range of birch plywood consists of:

  • Birch plywood 0.5 mm
  • Birch plywood 1 mm
  • Birch plywood 2 mm
  • Birch plywood 3 mm
  • Birch plywood 4 mm
  • Birch plywood 6 mm
  • Birch plywood 9 mm
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