POM laser cutting

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POM laser cutting

For us, POM (polyacetal) is the No. 1 plastic for technical parts. To offer even more design freedom, we have expanded the range!

From now on you can have parts made in:

  • 0.5mm

  • 1mm

  • 1.5mm

  • 2mm

  • 3mm

  • 4mm

  • 5mm

  • 6mm

  • 8mm

Properties of POM

A technical plastic used in mechanical and structural applications.

POM (polyacetal) is strong, tough and dimensionally stable. It has a low coefficient of friction and is wear-resistant. The static and dynamic friction coefficients are the same, which means that virtually no 'stick slip' occurs in sliding applications. Polyacetal is also resilient and can be used to absorb impact and vibration. It is chemically resistant to many fuels, oils and greases.

POM is used for machine parts such as (low-load) brackets, adapter plates and sliding connections.

POM is virtually impossible to glue. Bolts and the like are usually used for connections. It is possible to connect parts with double-sided adhesive foil.

The surface is smooth but sometimes contains scratches. The plates may warp slightly. The laser cut is neat and contains no melting edges and the cut edge does not discolour. Without further measures, light smoke deposits are visible at the top at the starting points and at the bottom a small (0.5mm) melting edge along the cut. When using protective film, both effects disappear.

Surface engraving is difficult and produces little contrast. Line engraving is possible, but the material does not discolour and therefore produces little contrast.

Line engravings are useful for indicative applications such as part numbers.

polyacetal laser cuttingpolyacetal laser cutting

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