Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How can I order at Snijlab?

Create a digital drawing with cutting lines and upload it at our website. Read more

What is the delivery time?

You can choose either 1 day, 2 days, 4 days or 8 days. During the ordering process you can make your choice. Read more

Is there a waiting line?

No you can choose your delivery date. Read more

Can I come by and have my order done on the spot?

No but you can place an order with express delivery. If you do so before 12:00 noon you can pick it up at the end of the same day.

Can I see the actual laser cutting in action?

No unfortunately not.

Can you ship my order?

Yes we ship to all EU countries (and beyond on request).

Can you cut under an angle?

No the laser is always perpendicular to the material surface.

What is the maximum size you can cut?

The maximum sheet size we can cut is 1200 x 600 mm.

Can I come by without appointment?

Yes you can visit our showroom to see the materials and sample projects, to ask for advice or to place an order with the help one of our employees.

Do you offer cnc milling service?

No we specialize in laser cutting / engraving.

Can I have laser cut to a certain depth of the material or create 'pockets'?

No laser cutting always cuts through the entire thickness of the material. Engraving creates some depth but very shallow and not to a precise depth. You can create pockets by having your product made from two layers. The bottom layer is intact the top layer has a cut-out pocket.

Can I have my cutting boards (or another product) engraved?

Yes you can as long as the area of the engraving is not bigger than 200x200 mm. Send us an email with your request or come by at the Snijlab counter.



Up to what thickness can you laser cut?

It depends on the material. We cut mdf up to 9 mm, poplar plywood up to 12 mm, acrylic up to 6 mm, foam up to 20 mm. See the material section for more information.

Do you have all listed materials in stock?

Yes we have an ample stock for each material so we can handle large orders.

Can you laser cut or engrave metal?

No we laser cut wood-based products, plastics and some other materials.

How do I indicate that I would like to supply my own material?

While selecting a material you can choose from one of the 'self supplied ...' options. Pick one that comes closest to your specific material. Read which materials you can supply

Can I order your materials without laser cutting?

You can buy our sheet materials at the counter (only full size sheets of 120x60cm). For other options please visit

How do I order a plain, rectangular piece of sheet material?

Make a drawing with a rectangle with the right dimensions and upload it at our website.

I would like to leave some self supplied material for a future order. Is that possible?

No we do not store self supplied materials for customers. After an order we will include the surplus of self supplied material in the parcel.

Prices and payment

How much does laser cutting cost?

Upload your drawing for an immediate quote. Read here about our cost break-down

Can I order by invoice?

For regular professionals based in The Netherlands (with a Dutch chamber of commerce registration) we offer the option to order by invoice. If we validate this option you will be able to choose 'order by invoice' during payment check-out.

Can I pay through wire transfer?

No but we have several other payment options: iDeal, Sofort, credit card, Paypal etc.

Can I get a student discount?

We have no student discounts but we do run special offers occasionally.

I would like to order a large quantity, can I get a discount?

Scale discounts are included in our web ordering system. For orders above €1000 we may be able to offer additional discounts. Please contact us at for more information.


I have selected the option 'pick up at Snijlab' while ordering but I prefer to have it shipped after all. Is that possible?

Yes you can. Please contact our customer support. You will receive an email with a payment link for the shipping costs. We will ship your parcel after receiving your payment.

Can I receive my order any time sooner?

During the ordering process you select your prefered delivery date. After confirming your order you can choose a shorter delivery time in some cases. For the difference in shipping costs you will receive a payment link. After receiving your payment the newly selected delivery time starts (please note: the new delivery time is not based on the original order date). You can only do this for an entire order not for a partial order.

Can I receive my order later than I selected after confirming my order?

A later delivery date is possible, however we do not refund the price difference in such cases.

Can I have the parcel of my order delivered without any Snijlab branding signs?

We can leave the packing slip from the parcel making it look neutral without any Snijlab signing. A small Snijlab sign is still on the address label though and with the tracking code one can trace the sender. If you wish to leave out the packing slip please state so in the order comment.


I don't need my product anymore, can I return it?

All products we make are customized and cannot be returned for that reason.

I have placed an order but I want to change my drawings, is that possible?

After confirming your order it can not be adjusted. In some cases it is possible to cancel the order.

Can I cancel (a part of) my order?

After production has started an order cannot be cancelled. Usually within a matter of hours after your order confirmation. Before that we may be able to cancel your order. Contact our customer support as soon as possible to inform about the status of your order.

Can I change the material of my order?

Once your order has been placed it cannot be changed. In some cases it is possible to cancel the order.

I have a coupon which I forgot to use, can I get the missed discount refunded?

Coupons are only valid if you use them prior to your payment check-out.