Fast Lasercutting Service

Pre/esigned drawings up to 1200x600mm can be  cut directly from most non-metals without additional preparation work. Choose a material from our extensive stock for a swift order. Delivery can already within one business day.

We use high quality equipment and know what we do. Therefore, we only supply top quality.

Our online lasercutting service is designed to outsource the manual labor of cutting your materials.

Producing Small Series

We produce cost efficient laser cut parts from a single piece to several hundred thousand. Whether it is keychains for an event or parts for a consumer product. In addition to manufacturing, we can be of service with:

  • CAD / drawing
  • Optimization of design and material
  • Customized mass production (series of unique products)
  • Just in time production (we only produce if you have sold)

We work with production samples and calculations so you always know where you stand. Please contact us for more information.

Projects With Extra Care

Extremely fine model work, design products without traces of the laser process, large format cutting; process control is key. We develop our own equipment and know every part. We can therefore offer optimum results in a variety of projects. Challenge us.


Besides production, we specialize in design for digital production. We have extensive experience in 2D and 3D design, parametric design and scripting solutions. Combined with smart design and materials, the possibilities of digital production really come into their own.

We invite you to explore with us the future of manufacturing.