Efficient laser cutting

Drawings up to 1200x600mm can be cut directly from most non-metals without additional preparation work.

  • Ordering entirely online;
  • Fast and reliable;
  • Dimensions up to 1200 x 600 mm;
  • Almost all non-metals

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Serial production

Once you have made your prototypes at Snijlab and you are ready to start production you do not need to look any further. We have an automated production line which fills in the scale gap between custom production and mass production (for example injection moulding).

  • Free of soot stains and delivered without protective foil if required;
  • Parts of up to 600 x 400 mmm;
  • Delivered within our regular lead times (1, 2, 4 or 8 work days);
  • Tight tolerances.

High speed engraving

For serial projects we offer the option of high speed engraving by our Galvo machine.

  • low costs per piece;
  • detailed and consistent;
  • engraving area up to 200x200mm (product itself may be larger).