Advice and design

Advice and help

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice or assistance in each stage of your project. For example you can contact us for:

  • Advice on your choice of material;
  • Review of your drawing, for example if the settings are correct;
  • Advice on optimizing your product;
  • Guidance through the ordering process.

Please note that we do not offer:

  • to make drawings for you;
  • to adjust your drawings for you;
  • to develop ideas into products.


We are solely a laser cutting service but in some cases you can contact us for projects that lie beyond the boundaries of our core business, for example:

  • getting your project ready for laser cutting production: slicing of 3D objects, splitting up large files into drawings that fit our machines, automated file conversions or adjustments;
  • Algorhythm design, for example with Grasshopper
  • Customized mass production

You can contact one of our designers or engineers or we can get you in contact with someone from our network of technicians. The starting fee of this type of design work is €510 excluding VAT. Please contact us to know more about this.