Nesting refers to the process of efficiently laying out parts in one drawing.

When to nest?

If you need multiple parts from the same material and the same sheet thickness you can combine them in one drawing file. If you do take into account our maximum sheet size (for most  of our stock materials it's 1200 x 600 mm). You can position the parts right up to the very edge of the sheet.

Some spacing of at least 2 mm between parts is required.

If you have a lot to nest you can use nesting software such as RhinoNest or 123D make.

Ordering a multitude of one part

If you need two or more of one part you don't have to nest it yourself. Upload a drawing of one single product en fill out the number you need in the ordering process. The website automatically calculates an efficient way of nesting it on a sheet and you will notice that the cost per product will drop in the automatically generated quote.

Overlapping cutting lines

If you position two parts right up against each other in your drawing you may intend to separate the two parts with just one cutting line. However in reality this will adversely affect the quality of your work since half-cut parts may come loose and move ever so slightly in the machine. We advise against this way of nesting especially for small parts and parts in which precision is required.