The following are guidelines for setting up your file for lasercutting. Are you to lasercutting or digital design? Our tutorial page can provide you with all the information needed.

General layout

  • Scale: Draw in millimeters, scale 1:1
  • Clean: Provide clean drawings; delete all objects that are not cutting or engraving lines
  • Nest: Combine all parts of the same material on one sheet. Our maximum board size is 1200x600mm. Try to make a good fit to save material usage. 
  • Multiple sheets: Need more parts than you can fit on one sheet? Create a new drawing and place your remaining parts here.
  • No fills: Disable all fills and hatches. (except for area engraving)
  • Explode text: Create outlines for all text. This can be done with the "Explode" function in most CAD applications and the "Create Outlines" in Illustrator.
  • Thin lines: Choose a line thickness of 0.2mm or hairline.

File types

We support various file types. Almost every known design application will be able to export to one of the file types we can work with. Below you will find the templates for various popular design applications. These templates and additional information can also be found in our template bundle.




Other CAD software



points of attention

• set layer names in file
• ASCII .dxf version 2004 or older
• units in millimeters, scale 1:1

• set color in file
• turn on "PDF Compatability"
• max 1 artboard per drawing
• version CC or older

• set color in file
• vectors only, no bitmaps
files template.dxf

Colors and layer names

In your drawing you will be able to set the lines that need to be cut and the lines that need to engraved.

In .ai and .pdf files this information will be taken for layer color while with .dxf files this information will be extracted from the layer names. To be safe you can set the layer names and layer colors to the correct options to avoid any misunderstandings. In our templates all this information is already provided for you.

After uploading your file a preview of you drawing will be available and will show you if all colors and names were set correctly.

 color (.ai and .pdf) layername (.dxf)


blue (RGB 0,0,255) cut cut
red (RGB 255,0,0) line engrave line engrave
grey (RGB 128,128,128) sheet no operation