Our materials

At Snijlab we have many different materials in stock from which we can laser cut your products: e.g. wood, plastic, textile, paper/cardboard. We do not laser cut nor engrave metals.

You can find materials for a variety of applications. From prototyping to end products and from scale models to machine parts.

All our materials are tested for their quality and ability for laser cutting. A great base from which to work.


Our machines allow a maximum sheet size of 1200 x 600 mm and this is the size of most of the sheets we have in stock. Some materials have a smaller maximum size of 1000 x 500 mm. The maximum thickness also varies per material. The thicknesses and maximum size are listed for each available material.


You can visit us during opening hours without appointment to see and feel the materials we have in stock. You can also take some samples home. Up to three samples can be ordered for free. Please send an email to with your address and the materials you'd like to receive samples of.

Self supplied materials

In case you need laser cutting from materials we do not have in stock you can supply them to us. Please read more about self supplied materials.

Buying materials without laser cutting

At the Snijlab counter you can buy our stock materials without laser cutting but only at full size. We do not send separate materials and we do not cut to smaller sizes unless it is ordered as a laser cutting job. For standard, smaller sized sheets please have a look at our subsidiary company