What is Snijlab?

Snijlab is a low threshold production service specialising in (laser) cutting of sheet materials. With us you can have any line drawing cut out of a self chosen material. This allows for an easy and professional finish of your own products, prototypes, models etc.

We use  computer controlled lasercutters, which are developed inhouse, to cut sheet material such as wood, plastics, cardboard and textile.

You can upload your digital drawing though the website, select your material from our stock list, and set the prefered delivery time. Upon doing so a price will be generated immediately. If you choose a higher quantity you will notice that the listed price per piece will drop considerably. You can select the option to pick up the cut parts from our workshop rather than have them sent if you prefer.

We are enthusiastic about endless opportunities of laser cutting and continuously explore new applications and possibilities. We share all of that here on our website as inspiration for your own future projects.

No experience with laser cutting yet? On this page you can find the information you need to get started.

Are you an experienced user, proceed to submit your drawing