adhesive backing

Adhesive backing applied to materials

A lot of our materials have the option 'apply adhesive backing' available. This can be useful for lettering or for building mock-ups and scale models.

The adhesive backing sticks to most smooth surfaces like wood and acrylic. The adhesive backing will be applied to the material prior to the laser cutting job and will be cut in the same run as the material to which it is applied.

The cost of this option depends on the size of how much is needed. The cost of laser cutting is not influenced by the backing.

tip: Use the negative shape as a positioning jig for example when you have letters cut out that need to be placed at the right distance from each other.


colour transparent
thickness                 0.08 mm

To order:

For laser cutting with adhesive backing follow these steps:

1. log in and upload your drawing
2. choose the required material from the list
3. chekc the box 'adhesive backing'