How does it work

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Uploading your design

Online Calculation

Fast Delivery

Designs can be drawn up in almost all pupolar vector editing applications like AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Rhino, Inkscape etc.

Use our templates and pay close attention to the drawing instructions. You can also take a look at our tutorialspage for extra information.

Log in at and drop your design file on the uploading area.

The the exact prices for the service are available directly after uploading your file.

From there you order your design online and pay through iDeal or with your creditcard.

Once the order is in we will start cutting your design as soon as possible. Our machines will cut everything precisely according to your drawing and we will create the best possible result.

Standard order will be shipped withing 5 days, and sometimes even faster.

The state of your order is available for online tracking and additional information will be send to your email adress.

Would you rather pick up your design yourself, then you can do so at our workshop in Rotterdam. We will email with exact details when your order is ready and packed up.