Who en why

Why Snijlab?

Snijlab makes laser cutting simple, accessible and efficient to allow you to focus on designing and developing your product. From the first lines on your CAD drawing to product assembly and implementation, that is the domain of digital manufacturing. Our aim is to make laser cutting within all stages of that domain as simple as possible so you can focus on research and development.

We are convinced that laser cutting offers many new, yet to discover opportunities. We strive to become the ideal tool for product developers and are eager to disclose new applications.


We are a reliable production partner, we provide a carefully selected range of materials and very short lead times. We monitor the quality of both our input and our output and recycle our residual waste flow if possible.

To achieve all of this we have automated a large share of our work processes. We have automated the ordering process as well as the actual production in the workshop. We continue to work on automating our operations so our employees can focus on advising and supporting you.

Our machines and the software behind our online ordering interface have all been designed and developed in-house. Material research with regard to laser cutting and developing new applications are an on-going part of our business. We document and share this knowledge to help you get better and faster results.


What we offer in a nutshell:

  • a web interface for laser cut jobs
  • service oriented and accessible to our customers
  • information on materials and the possibilities of technology

History of Snijlab

Snijlab was founded in 2010 by Christian Waber and Jiskar Schmitz both alumni of Delft University of Technology. Starting off with just one self developed laser cutter they gradually started increasing their circle of customers and affiliates. After one year the first version of the web-based ordering system became operational and this sparked a rapid growth of orders and Snijlab started to make a name with this outstanding service.

Another milestone in the early years of Snijlab was the invention of an innovative technology making rigid materials flexible with a pattern of laser cuts. An application of this technology was a binder made of plywood. It generated international press coverage and since then has been refered to as the 'Sninge' (Snijlab hinge). Rather than marketing it as a product Snijlab decided to share the technology open source in line with its philosophy. Snijlab organized sevaral workshops in Holland and abroad to teach designers how to work with this technology.

The following years the focus has been on scaling up production and further develop the web interface step by step. By now Snijlab has over 400 m2 of production facility and our team consists of approximately 10 people who enthusiastically serve customers world wide.

A recent side project of Christian and Jiskar is cooperative Brikkon. Together with two partners they create toys which stimulate kids to play freely without instructions. Through Brikkon Snijlab is directly involved in developing, producing and marketing a product which is made locally through digital manufacturing. Knowledge derived from this project is used to enhance Snijlab in turn.