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The final version of the emergency face shield (with the name NGS2020) is now available to download.

The design is licensed under CCBY-SA 4.0

You are free to:

Share the work — you may produce your own face shield

Adjust the work — you may adjust and improve the design

Under the following conditions:

 Mention of creator — you must mention our name or website ( as well as the license conditions with a link to the license content. You may do so in a reasonable manner but not so as to give the impression that the licensor agrees with your work or with the way the work is used.

To share equally — once you have made changes to the design you will have to share it under the same conditions as the original work.

No additional restrictions — you may not apply juridicial or technological restrictions which may limit others from doing what was allowed by the conditions in the license.

These conditions are set to be able to distribute the design to the greatest possible number of people.

The license does not prohibit commercial use of the design but we would like to point out that it may not be sold as a product on the market unless you it has been granted the legally necessary certifications. Snijlab is not repsonsible by any means for the products that you or others will sell on the market.


 The source files and instructions can be found at:

And in the meantime...

we have started a large production series. Our machines have been running at full speed all weekend and a team of volunteers has formed to take care of the assembly.

Do you live in Rotterdam and surroundings and do you want to help assemble? You can volunteer! For questions and applications please turn to Gerard or Maarten at And we have a list with frequently asked questions.

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