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Recently we have asked our newsletter subscribers to design a removable cover for a plain note book. And we have a winner! Though the winner wishes to remain anonymous (would it be the real Superman?) we thought it was the best entry. The cut-out Superman logo in blue en red Polypropene sheet is very nice and the laser engraved text ‘brilliant ideas to save humanity’ is very funny. On top of that the design is very relevant these days. Because where is Superman when we need him most. Who knows the solution to the current pandemic is written in ‘his’ notebook…

The design rights of this cover will be open-source so if you wish to have your own Superman notebook you can contact us for the files.

At Snijlab we have black, white and translucent polypropene sheets in stock but e.g. at the you can find a range of other colors. You can order it there, have it shipped to us at Snijlab and have it laser cut here.


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