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From now on our workshop is lightened by Homemade lampshades!

We asked our team member Rein to design something to advance the light in our workshop. The final objective was a simple lampshade that we could produce ourselves fitting our current rail spotlights. Starting from discovering standard studio lights the final design found it roots mostly in the well known take-away-WOK-box. The final shape still reminds of that box but depending on the viewing angle it looks as much like a flower, or the letter 'Y' or 'M' ... The flat pattern of the "YM" that we cut from 0, 5mm polystyrene is easy to roll up and maintains its shape after folding thanks to small tabs. What makes the project even better is that we can produce this product for just € 10! A good example of laser cutting being a quick and cheap technique for developing and producing nice stuff.

  • design: Rein Reitsma for snijlab
  • material: polystyrene 0,5mm matt white
  • dimensions cut-file: 600x600mm
  • indication cutting and material costs: € 10,- incl. VAT

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