plywood poplar 6 mm (MS0034)

plywood poplar 6 mm
width (mm) height (mm) prijs (€)
300 150 €1.15
210 297 €1.43
300 300 €1.83
600 300 €3.65
600 600 €6.70
1200 300 €7.32
900 600 €10.07
1200 600 €12.20
Prices are including 21% vat and excluding cutting costs
Machine dimensions


Thickness6.0 mm
Thickness tolerance±0.30 mm
Kerf width0.30 mm
Density400 kg/m3
Protective Foiloptional

A light-weight, low-formaldehyde ply.

Poplar is a soft wood that can be laser-cut thicker than birch (for example) due to its low weight. From an absolute point of view, it is less rigid and strong than birch plywood, but the availability of thick boards makes it possible to make larger objects.


Typical applications: This material lends itself to structural applications such as model aircraft, (large) boat models and art installations. It is also a suitable choice for signage and the like (if finished for outdoor use).

Design: Note that poplar plywood, like most plywoods, has a thickness tolerance. Interlocking joints must therefore be designed to be overlarge and then held together with glue or another mechanism. However, because the material is quite soft, forms can often be hammered together with a rubber mallet if they are a tight fit.

Finishing: The surface is relatively soft, such that it should be finished if intended for intensive use. Finishing is not required for construction applications, although sanding of the surface will remove any marks and deposits and improve the appearance. Varnishing and painting are possible.

Appearance: Poplar is light in colour with a subtle grain. The layered construction of the plywood is clearly visible from the sides. Poplar is suitable for laser-cutting, the cut edge becoming light to dark brown.
Surface engraving is possible, resulting in a light to dark-brown appearance. Line engraving is also possible, resulting in dark-brown lines. Scorching can occur around the engraving, which can be removed by sanding.