HDPE black 1mm (MS0208)

HDPE black 1mm
width (mm) height (mm) prijs (€)
300 150 €0.76
210 297 €1.05
300 300 €1.51
500 500 €4.21
1000 500 €8.41
Prices are including 21% vat and excluding cutting costs
Machine dimensions


Also known asPE
high density polyethylene
Thickness1.0 mm
Thickness tolerance±0.20 mm
Kerf width0.20 mm
Density970 kg/m3
Protective Foildefault

A relatively soft but tough plastic used mainly for technical applications.

HDPE has a good chemical resistance and does not absorb water. The black variant is weatherproof. The material feels slightly greasy to the touch and has good sliding qualities and a reasonable resistance to wear and tear. It is one of the most used plastics in industry due to its relatively low price.

Typical applications: HDPE is used often in the food industry, in mechanical engineering and in gardening.

Finishing: The material is delivered without protective film and may therefore have scratches.

Bonding: HDPE is difficult to glue but can be welded. Double-sided adhesive film attaches well and mechanical connections (screws and bolts) are also effective.

Appearance: HDPE is reasonably well suited to laser cutting but is not suitable for detailed work. HDPE melts slightly around the cut and forms a raised edge at the bottom of the cut.