solid bamboo caramel 5 mm (MS0188)

solid bamboo caramel 5 mm
width (mm) height (mm) prijs (€)
210 297 €3.91
300 300 €5.64
600 300 €11.29
600 600 €22.58
900 600 €33.86
1200 600 €45.15
Prices are including 21% vat and excluding cutting costs
Machine dimensions


Thickness5.0 mm
Thickness tolerance±0.30 mm
Kerf width0.20 mm
Density770 kg/m3
Protective Foilnot_available

A hard, fast-growing wood with a distinct appearance. These sheets are made of side-pressed strips of bamboo.

This is much more solid than multiplex. The outer layers of the bamboo trunk are glued together in small strips to create these sheets. The underside and surface of the sheets are the same and the surface is hard and smooth. Bamboo is stiff and tough in the direction of the grain (strips can even be interwoven), but sensitive to cracking along the veins.


Typical applications: Solid bamboo has many uses including enclosures, retail displays and front panels.

Design: To avoid cracking, take into account the direction of the grain during the design process.

Finishing: The material can be used without any finishing, but it is possible to sand and lacquer it for additional protection.

Appearance: Bamboo can be laser-cut with tidy results. The cut is dark brown and does not leave deposits. Some deposits from the laser process will be visible around the cut edge. This can be cleaned up by sanding. Surface engraving is possible and results in a dark, recessed surface with a clear relief in the wood structure. The colour of the engraving can differ significantly from area to area. Line engraving is possible and results in darker lines.