EVA foam black 1 mm (MS0216)

EVA foam black 1 mm
width (mm) height (mm) prijs (€)
300 150 €1.21
210 297 €1.81
300 300 €2.30
600 300 €3.80
500 500 €4.54
Prices are including 21% vat
Machine dimensions


Also known asMoosgummi
Thickness1.0 mm
Thickness tolerance±0.20 mm
Kerf width0.50 mm
Density1 kg/m3
Protective Foildefault

EVA foam is a fine-celled foam that is ideal for laser-cutting.

This material has a relatively high density, giving it a compact feel and good shock-absorbing properties. It has a closed-cell stricture and can be folded into shape to a certain extent.


Typical applications: EVA foam's good shock-absorbing characteristics make it suitable for lining small cases or packages, for damping or sealing layers, and for decorative applications such as for wall stickers or (indoor) lettering.

Design: The laser cut is somewhat broader than average, such that details smaller than 2 to 3 mm should be avoided.

Bonding: EVA foam can be stuck together or attached to different surfaces using double-sided adhesive film. Flexible permanent glues are also suitable.

Appearance: EVA foam is suitable for laser-cutting and the process leaves very few traces behind. Laser-cut edges may be slightly darker in colour than the surface area. Large surface engravings are possible on EVA foam. Line engraving is not possible.