PE foam black 10 mm (MS0110)

PE foam black 10 mm
width (mm) height (mm) prijs (€)
300 150 €1.19
210 297 €1.48
300 300 €1.90
600 300 €3.80
600 600 €6.96
1200 300 €7.59
900 600 €10.43
1200 600 €12.64
Prices are including 21% vat and excluding cutting costs
Machine dimensions


Also known ascase foam
Thickness10.0 mm
Thickness tolerance±1.00 mm
Kerf width1.00 mm
Density29 kg/m3
Protective Foilnot_available

A relatively hard variety of foam with a professional look.

This material is known from the flight case industry, where it is used to line the inside of transport boxes. It has closed cells such that it floats, does not allow liquids to pass through, and is resistant to chemicals. It is harder than the average mattress.


Typical applications: PE foam is often used to make inlays for cases and tool drawers. It is an original choice of material for company logos or signage and for custom-made packaging. Due to its thickness it can also be used to make layered sculptures and sectional models.

Design: The laser cut is relatively broad with this material. To ensure that inlays are made such that the products fit snugly in the foam, the shape should be drawn around 1 mm too small on all sides. A certain amount of prototyping may be required for very small products. Details smaller than 5 mm are not possible due to the width of the cut.

Bonding: PE foam can be glued simply with spray adhesive. It is also easy to make finger joints with this material.

Appearance: The laser cut is clean and almost invisible. The appearance of the side is comparable with the surface and does not discolour or melt from laser-cutting. The cut has a considerable chamfer on thicker sheets; for 20 mm sheets the top edge of the cut is approximately 1 mm wide and the bottom edge is approximately 2 mm.
Surface engraving is possible, resulting in a recessed, darker surface with reasonable contrast. Line engravings are possible but have little contrast and are therefore not often used.