resin board 0.5 mm (MS0104)

resin board 0.5 mm
width (mm) height (mm) prijs (€)
300 150 €3.51
210 297 €4.57
300 300 €6.17
600 300 €12.35
600 600 €24.70
Prices are including 21% vat and excluding cutting costs
Machine dimensions


Also known aslaserboard
Thickness0.5 mm
Thickness tolerance±0.15 mm
Kerf width0.10 mm
Density875 kg/m3
Protective Foiloptional

Resin board is a thin cardboard soaked in resin, making it hard yet flexible. It's suitability for fine laser-cutting and its toughness make this material excellent for extremely fine details that are not possible with many other materials.

Typical applications: Resin board is used in the construction of maquettes and models, particularly to create the finest details in windows, fencing and ornamentation.

Design: Bear in mind when making laser-cut drawings that small objects in resin board are very light and can be blown away or shift in position due to the cutting process (and draughts). This can be prevented by designing little bridges into small components.

Finishing: This material can be painted.

Appearance: This material can be cut very precisely with little to no visible marking. It does not warp due to the heat of the laser and the cut is remarkably narrow. The cut edge has the same colour as the material and does not leave any deposits.
Surface engravings on resin board result in a somewhat lighter colour than that of the unengraved material. Light line engraving is possible with this material.