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Laser cutting is very suitable for precision work. With our tips you will get the best results.

Minimum dimensions

Parts smaller than 5 x 5 mm can be lost during cutting.
Do you still need parts smaller than 5 x 5 mm? Then you can ensure that they stay in place in the plate with tabs.

What are tabs?

Tabs are small interruptions in the cutting line of approximately 0.5 mm. Also known as tabs or bridges.

Parts smaller than 10 x 10 mm have at least 1 tab
Parts up to 50 x 50 mm two to three tabs
Parts larger than 50 x 50 mm more than 3 tabs


Cut width

When drawing small parts, take the cutting width into account.

The cutting width of the laser beam, or cutting loss, is between 0.15 and 0.2 mm depending on the material.

When you draw a line, half of the cutting width disappears on both sides.
An example with a cutting width of 0.2 mm:

snedebreedte You can compensate for the cutting width in your drawing. This is necessary, for example, to make tight connections.

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